Ground Protection

When temporary access is required and ground protection is a must, talk to us, your industry leaders in all ground protection methods.


UltraDeck provides a medium weight ground protection floor with bevelled edges. It sits 28mm above the ground. Its vented design ensures adequate air flow and water to keep the ground in fantastic condition. All plastic flooring expands - only UltraDeck has an expansion joint to alleviate this problem.

DuraDeck and UltraDeck ground protection mats provide protection and access for: stadiums, outdoor events, military events, construction companies, schools, parks, walkways, footpaths, and roadways. Whether your ground protection requirement is temporary or permanent, we’ve got you covered. Dura Deck and UltraDeck, with their unique and durable moulded construction, can be used almost anywhere and for any period of time - from 5 days to 5 years or more.



DuraDeck ground protection, traction and access mats offer a vast range of application. The super durable design allows for everything from trucks to tanks to drive across them while fully protecting the ground beneath.

DuraDeck has been used at large outdoor events such as Mt Eden Stadium for the Rugby World Cup, Taste of Auckland Festival and on construction sites. It's diverse use to cover and protect the grass means that DuraDeck has many uses throughout New Zealand where a protective support base is required for a variety of activities.

PDF specifications click here to download


  • Construction         
  • Music concerts  
  • Parks
  • Outdoor events        
  • Stadiums        
  • Forestry
  • Roading     
  • Public works        
  • House removal

If you need ground protection but are not sure what type is good for you, please view our product list or contact us here.


Ground Protection