Ground Protection

Ground Protection


When temporary access is required and ground protection is a must, talk to us. We’re your industry leaders.

DuraDeck creates instant portable roadways for heavy-duty vehicles, up to 72 tonnes, on any type of terrain, mud, sand and uneven surfaces.

A superior alternative to plywood surfaces as it will not crack, rot or break. It handles the heaviest weights.

Reduces expensive site remediation and clean-up saving you money.

Suitable for: construction, music, concerts, parks, outdoor events, stadiums, forestry, roading, public works, house removal.

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The Event Works Group is New Zealand’s leading supplier of UltraDeck, with over 10 years' experience in turf protection.

A medium-weight modular flooring system capable of handling road cases, trolleys, and provides easy access for heavy foot traffic.

All plastic floors expand but UltraDeck is the only flooring that is specifically engineered to allow for expansion.

Deploys quickly and efficiently to leave the turf protected.

Offers superior natural turf protection and is suitable for: stadiums, outdoor events, parks, schools, walkways and military use.

"The Event Works Group supplied 3200sqm of ground protection for the INXS concert at Seddon Park, Hamilton. More recently 7000sqm of flooring was installed for the Guns N’ Roses concert at Westpac Stadium, Wellington. In both cases the grounds curator was extremely happy with the result. I will continue to use the excellent service The Event Works Group has always provided me."

Robert Barclay
Company Director of Robert Barclay Limited
Event and Production Management

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Turf Protection


A light-weight, modular outdoor floor system suitable for pedestrian foot traffic.

Ideal for small marquees and walkways.

EventDeck deploys quickly and efficiently to protect turf and keep feet clean and dry.

EventDeck cannot be driven on.

EventDeck is not suitable for road case rolling.

Single phase cable trench allows light and power reticulation.

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Ground Protection

Sports Fabric

Laid directly onto the ground to separate water, sticky mud or sodden ground from foot traffic.

Best laid under UltraDeck in very wet conditions.

Cost effective solution to mass ground cover.

Assists by minimising additional cleaning costs.

Sports Fabric cannot be driven on.

Sports Fabric will not protect the turf.

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